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Testimonials - Ridgeway Trust

"Through LeaderShape’s work with the Ridgeway Partnership NHS trust I have developed a deeper understanding of what excellence in leadership is. Through workshops, coaching and 360 appraisal I, alongside other members of the Board, have improved my emotional intelligence – self awareness and management, empathy and relationships - and learned to deploy a wider range of leadership skills and styles to the benefit of the organisation.

"Natural talent and charisma or just wanting to be a good leader isn’t enough. Like great artists a great leader needs to study and practice, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, observe their impact on others and develop their range of leadership styles. LeaderShape’s programme at the Ridgeway Partnership, involving team workshops, coaching and 360 appraisal, enabled us as a Board and as individuals to improve our leadership capability and to embed a new culture in the organisation. This has been an essential component in our successful progress towards Foundation Trust status."

Lady Berkeley, Chair, Ridgeway Partnership NHS Trust.


Lady Berkeley (Julia Clarke) so enjoyed her experience of working with LeaderShape that she joined the company and brought together a specialist National Health coaching team, with unparalleled experience.

Julia Clarke says: “Leadership at all levels is the main driver of staff engagement since leaders set the tone and climate and are in the position of being able to create, or otherwise, the bond between staff and the organisation.”

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