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Innovative Leader


Businesses are good at getting better but poor at getting different."

Gary Hamel


CONSERVING CASH, IMPROVING EFFICIENCY, reducing costs and working harder may be enough for survival but may not be enough for success.  Innovative business leaders create and support a 'can do' environment by breaking down internal barriers, improving communication and rewarding cooperation.
 The senior level business background of the LeaderShape faculty includes in-depth experience of acting as change catalysts and successfully creating dynamic environments. 


Innovative leaders have a vision for change. They create and support an innovative environment by breaking down internal barriers and inhibitions, improving communication and rewarding cooperation.

The senior level business background of the LeaderShape faculty includes in depth experience of successfully creating innovative environments in a wide range of sectors and in many varied economic conditions.

A typical programme:

Could include working with the Chief Executive and senior team as individuals or as a group:

  •      One-to-one coaching focused on stimulating personal creativity and

A series of workshops to:

  •      Develop a Vision for the future that demands an innovative approach
  •      Demonstrate how innovative and creative thinking processes for individuals and teams can be stimulated by the use of specific tools
  •      Understand the power of intuition and how it can be used to short-cut complex and/or poorly definable issues
  •      Train senior executives to facilitate team/group workshops that focus on specific topics, themes or challenges and generate, evaluate and select ideas for implementation.

The outcomes of the LeaderShape approach include:

  •      A culture that is open, questioning and listening and encourages innovation
  •      Fear of failure and fear of the unknown are overcome and experimentation is encouraged
  •      People are trusted and empowered
  •      The creative but under-utilised talents of teams are unlocked
  •      Passion, belief and enthusiasm drive the organisation
  •      Barriers to profitable growth are unblocked.
  •      Competitive positioning is strengthened


Every organisation needs to prepare for the abandonment of everything it does.

Peter Drucker






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