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Testimonials - West Midlands Pension Fund

“I found it very beneficial and subsequently the coaching style has helped me not only improve my performance but that of my direct reports.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It helped me bond with my fellow cohort members in a way that I had not done previously. Also it provided a useful resource in developing and acquiring personal leadership skills.”

“I was very keen to undertake this training. The 360 degree assessment was enlightening and I feel this in itself would benefit other staff levels within the Fund.”

“I found the course thoroughly enjoyable and most informative. I enjoyed the group work and enjoyed networking and building bonds with colleagues in order to develop strong trustworthy working relationships. Emotional Intelligence was most interesting and will be invaluable for both myself and when dealing with my team and colleagues. Using the coaching style will also be a necessity over the next few months.”

“This programme was excellent self-development. I found the interaction between the staff from different sections extremely beneficial and have built up some strong working relationships which I am sure will assist me in the future.”


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