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Testimonials - LEIPA

"I found the LEIPA ® overall an incredible experience and think it's something everyone should have the opportunity to do. It taught me a lot about myself and the importance of self-imposed barriers, and also gave me the necessary skills to overcome such barriers. My personal stress levels used to be 8/10;  I have now been maintaining a constant 4 since taking part in the process.

“I benefitted from having a non-judgemental person to talk to, with the freedom to discuss absolutely everything and each time having the ability to walk away with an action plan and quite often closure. The fact that the coach/mentor had relevant large industry background with a wealth of experience to draw from, was absolutely invaluable.”

Daniel Dunn, Head of Operations of a leading Global Energy Trading business.


"The LEIPA was incredibly helpful in learning how others see me and very helpful in pin-pointing areas for change and development to improve my leadership style to maximise my effectiveness. LEIPA offers its greatest value when combined with on-going coaching and development."

Kate Bennett, Director, Equality and Human Rights Commission, Wales.

"LEIPA made a strong contribution in improving my self awareness, and provided an excellent tool to enable me to identify very specific areas I could work on to improve my leadership capabilitiy."

Chris Tattersall, now Managing Partner Smart Group UK (formerly MD BearingPoint).

"The Leadership EI profiling has highlighted several strengths but more usefully a number of areas where I can make some improvements. I have already undertaken some changes in my approach and behaviour to become the leader you desire."

Richard K Walker, MD, Financial Services Bearing Point


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