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Testimonials - leadership programmes

On Communications

"The CHEOPS peer group programme has been of significant value to me over the last two years and will continue to be in the future. It allows me to continue to learn advanced techniques enabling me to become a more competent leader, to offer space for reflection and to provide a safe forum for the discussion of important and sensitive issues with fellow CEOs. As a result of this learning, I have introduced into the company a leadership development programme (which includes a LEIPA assessment of each individual which uses best practice in 360-feedback to generate a report and action plan), a culture survey and a process producing state-of-the-art EI profiling, behavioural selection techniques and personal development plan programmes – all delivered by LeaderShape. Combined, these create a foundation for sustainable growth and performance by ensuring we have the right people developed to succeed. The LeaderShape facilitators and coaches bring an effective and ideal combination of top level practical business experience, knowledge about leadership and skills in coaching & facilitation."

Chief Executive, ON Communications.

"The leadership programme that I have recently attended has proven to be inspirational. The theory and concepts that I have learned over the previous months have really pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to be a stronger individual and a Manager. I have personally seen a difference in the way I approach and deal with certain situations, which, without doubt have had a direct and more importantly a positive impact for me and others."

Mark Cale, Sales Team Manager.

"The Leadership Programme has hugely enriched my role as a Manager. I really feel that time has been taken to understand me, to listen and discuss various options with me; always ensuring a solution is reached. LeaderShape has installed a new found confidence in me, together with assisting me to unleash abilities that I didn't know I possessed. I leave sessions feeling inspired and motivated."

Georgina Casas, Sales Team Manager.

Poolia Parker Bridge

"The leadership development programme has not only helped me to become a better, more confident leader it has also facilitated the changes in climate and culture that the business needed to move forward. We now have team managers who are better equipped to make decisions and who understand the changes we are trying to implement."

Managing Director.

Ridgeway Partnership

"Natural talent and charisma or just wanting to be a good leader isn’t enough. Like great artists a great leader needs to study and practice, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, observe their impact on others and develop their range of leadership styles. LeaderShape’s programme at the Ridgeway Partnership, involving team workshops, coaching and 360 appraisal, enabled us as a Board and as individuals to improve our leadership capability and to embed a new culture in the organisation. This has been an essential component in our successful progress towards Foundation Trust status."

Lady Berkeley, Chair, Ridgeway Partnership NHS Trust.

"The Leadership programme has transformed our business by introducing a coaching style of management, with a real focus on empowerment and self development. This has, in turn, created a more positive culture and feel across the business and improved staff retention levels. I am positive this will also lead to greater results."

Shelley Casley, Director - Sales.

"Possibly the most immediately beneficial training that I have ever had. The course covers theoretical leadership information that can be instantly applied to benefit the company as a whole."

Caroline Lansbury, Sales Team Manager.

Poolia Parker Bridge

"The LeaderShape programme has given us not only a greater understanding of theoretical concepts behind effective leadership but most importantly has focused on putting these concepts into practice, starting with role plays and group work which have given us the opportunity to develop these skills and then progressing to helping us implement them in different situations we are facing. By approaching learning in this way we have not only learnt from our trainer but also from the experiences of others in the group."

Director, Business Development & Marketing.

"The leadership course has really helped highlight my leadership strengths and weaknesses but also given me the tools to work on developing them. I am now seeing the results within the team that I manage."

Paul Dunne, Senior Sales Manager.


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