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PgC Coach Mentoring & Facilitation

Let us introduce you to this University of Chester-backed postgraduate course for your senior staff, managers and personnel or Human Resources team.

GOOD QUALITY COACHING, MENTORING AND FACILITATION in the work place is invaluable. However, experience has shown us that the good intentions behind these initiatives are often undermined by insufficient training or a proper framework for this Work-Based Learning.
We have worked closely with the internationally renowned University of Chester to develop a unique qualification; The Post Graduate Certificate in “Coach-Mentoring and Facilitation in Organisations.”

The programme and the assessment process is designed to help learners reflect on their own working practices and skills, honing their abilities for the benefit of their organsiation. We develop a good understanding of theory and how to apply it. PGC students learn to evaluate different group and one-to-one interventions, so they can deliver the best programmes across boards, teams and key individuals.Students need to demonstrate a critical appreciation of:

  •      The role of coaching and of action learning sets in organisations.
  •      Where these are most valuable.
  •      How they contrast with other development methods.

They begin to understand the processes and skills involved in being an effective coach and group-learning facilitator and be able to demonstrate high levels of competence. The organisation benefits from a highly tailored module based on needs and personal experience; the work-based project must demonstrate effective application of learning and practical results.

For further information on the LeaderShape PGC in Coach-Mentoring and Facilitation in Organisations, accredited by the University of Chester contact us on  +44 (0)330 323 0275 

What are the benefits of participation?

For students, completion of this Certificate will enhance their skills and ability to cascade them in their organisations.  It is suitable for;

  •     Line managers.
  •     Human resource professionals.
  •     Leadership and development professionals.

Post Graduate Certificate

The PGC is a recognised qualification, whereby students acquire 60 post-graduate credits. The LeaderShape-University of Chester PGC is made up of 3 modules, each worth 20 Credits.

  •     Principles, processes and skills of coaching.
  •     Action learning for leadership and development.
  •     Negotiated experiential learning ( a work-based project.)   

This could lead to a full Masters Degree of 180 Credits.The PgC is a high level qualification to meet important staff development needs whilst providing a recognised academic award to the students.




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